Thank you all for your support toward becoming a charter county. The final tally of votes in Mendocino County has just been posted. Measure W got over 46% of the vote, a clear indication that increasing numbers of Mendonesians are determined to participate in the grassroots revolution and have a voice in how we're governed!

Change is erupting worldwide, with upheavals happening right now on the national, international and local levels. People are waking up to realize that governments and corporations are in bed together enacting policies that adversely affect our lives and serve only the rich. Real positive change happens only when a grassroots groundswell of citizens decides that things need to change and they empower each other to take action together. Real change never takes place from the top down or in the living rooms of wealthy industrialists. It always occurs from the bottom up when thousands of Mendonesians say loud and clear, enough is enough and then become involved in the fight for justice.

In the best of worlds, this kind of action can also take place at the ballot box. The campaign for Measure W was extraordinary in that some 150 volunteers donated their time collecting signatures, holding Town Halls, distributing information, raising and donating money and urging their fellow citizens into action.  With their help we waged a memorable campaign and gave it our best. We are also very grateful for the support given at the beginning of the campaign by Dr. Vandana Shiva, who helped us raise $8000 towards becoming a charter county!

Although W did not pass this time, the advocates of becoming a charter county plan to keep our momentum going, actively looking for ways that We the People of Mendocino County can survive and thrive in the pending economic downturn. The time between elections is actually very short and goes quickly. If you are interested or would like more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Again, thank you for voting YES on Measure W. We really appreciated your support!

Measure W final election results posted 06302016