September 2015

General Law County

Home Rule Charter County

  • Structure of county government specified in State Constitution and State Statutes. Only amending the State Constitution or State law can change structure.
  • Structure of county government specified in Charter as approved by the voters. Structure can be tailored to meet the needs of the county.
  • Counties have limited powers of self-government as prescribed by the State Legislature.
  • Counties have a limited degree of home-rule authority as it doesn't conflict with the Constitution or State law.
  • Unexpected supervisoral vacancies are filled by the Governor. 
  • Can provide a local method to fill interim supervisoral vacancies. 
  • State Statutes do not require an Administrative Code.
  • County Charter can require an Administrative Code detailing all regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Acts of the County government are subordinate to those of the State
  • Provisions of the County Charter have the same force and effect of State legislative enactments
  • County has less autonomy and control over County finances
  • County Charter can provide more autonomy and greater control over County finances
  • State, Federal and corporate institutions have more Rights than the citizens of a county
  • Can help level the playing field against the incursion of corporate Rights
  • Counties have no Rights to protect natural resources from corporate exploitation
  • Can protect natural and financial resources from exploitation by Wall Street or transnational corporations