In 2014, the residents of Grant Township, PA, were notified that their area was chosen by the State for injection wells for private corporations to dispose of their toxic wastes. The residents were powerless to stop it until they embraced the Rights of their own Community. 

In other words, "the poison being permitted for injection into your community is a “matter of economics;” because surface treatment plants have become more expensive, injection wells are the next most economical means of dealing with the waste. Sorry, folks, earthquakes and injection of cancer-causing chemicals near your town’s water supply are simply efficient byproducts of a regulatory scheme that partners with industry to find the most economical method of getting rid of the wastewater.

If it’s not already clear, here’s the gist: our ‘environmental protection’ agencies are not prioritizing the protection of our communities; rather, their interest, as a matter of economics, is to find ways to permit and regulate harm."

So the citizens of Grant Township got a Community Rights charter ratified by the voters which gives them rights to self-government in their local community, the right to a system of government that secures their human, civil, and collective rights.  Also the rights to clean air, water, and soil, and the right to the historic and scenic preservation, and rural quality of life. Natural features like rivers, streams & aquifers have a right to be there.  And a right to a sustainable energy future. 

The Story of Community Rights in Grant Township