Robins Sunbeam & sons

 When I realized that my children’s futures had been robbed from them by the current economy, I felt I needed to stand up and do as much as one person can do to change the future.  As co-founder of Move to Amend in Ukiah, I helped bring us Measure F in 2012, the anti-corporate personhood rights measure.  I helped bring us Measure S in 2014, the Community Bill of Rights that protects our water from fracking. 

As Co-founder of the Charter Project, I brought together an assemblage of Charter Commission candidates to collaborate in redesigning the structure of our county government.  We envision more transparency, more sovereignty, more democracy, more citizen empowerment, more local low-carbon economic developments, more protection of the local economy, agriculture, the scenic beauty, the clean air, water, soil and food that we all treasure here in Mendocino County. 

I believe that the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution was intended for natural people.  Fictional persons like corporations should not have human rights.  I favor transferring the county’s money from the unethical Wall Street banks into a county public bank, which will use accepted banking practices to extend credit for county-wide infrastructure and low-carbon economic development.

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