Jed Davis2Jed Davis grew up on the Central Coast of California and studied Biology and Finance at San Diego State University. Jed owns Aqua Gardens Family Farm, an organic aquaponic farm in Potter Valley.  

Jed first entered the real estate profession as a mortgage originator in 2001 with Andersen financial in Arroyo Grande California. He has since been involved in real estate development, the residential rental market, and real estate investment.  

In an effort to modify his mortgage loan in 2012, he found forged and falsified documents related to his mortgage that were recorded in our County Recorder's Office.  This led Jed down the Unlawful Foreclosure Defense rabbit hole, which has landed him on the ballot running for Charter Commissioner.  Jed intends to include provisions in the proposed county charter to restore and maintain the accuracy and integrity of our County's Property records, as well as keep Mendocino County homeowners in their homes.

 Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   707-621-0484