Mary Zellachild

In another lifetime I was a suburban housewife in the Bay Area with 4 kids. When my second husband and I started looking for country land in 1979, Laytonville was the first place we found property we could afford. But the big city called me again and I've lived in Willits for the last 34 years.

Going the usual country career route of working odd jobs, I finally found my niche in Ecology Action, John Jeavons' organization—where I still work today. During my 26 years there I gradually became aware of the inequities existing in the world, particularly in the realm of agriculture.

Ten years ago, I was part of the dedicated crew that started Willits Economic Localization, and am still passionate about localizing. Somehow I have felt drawn into helping create a public bank, and through that became part of the Charter Project of Mendocino County. I strongly believe that in order to have the kind of governance we want, it's up to all of us to stay actively involved in the process. No one else is going to do it for us.

I urge you to vote YES on Measure W June 7th to make Mendocino California's 15th charter county.

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