Meet the Candidates

Els Cooperrider for Charter Commissioner

Els Cooperrider        Born in Nazi occupied Holland during WWII, Els’ parents were Dutch Resistance Fighters hiding Jews and allied airmen from the Nazis.

Els immigrated to the USA at 13. When a student at UC Berkeley her family moved to Ukiah where she met her husband Allen at her folk’s home at what is now the Dark Horse Ranch. They married in 1965 and moved around the country while Allen got his MS and PhD.

Els earned Bachelor & Masters degrees in Botany and Ecology. While in Colorado she formed a country rock band which played in Colorado for 10 years; Els played pedal steel guitar. She also plays a mean game of pinochle.

        She taught light microscopy at a veterinary school; worked for 25 years in medical research; was camp mother for the 250 person base camp at the Headwaters Forest; hosted a talk show on KZYX for 15 years; and helped stop Caltrans roadside spraying in 1997.

Els and Allen have two sons, Bret and Sid, who are active members of the community and helped establish the first certified organic brewpub and restaurant in the nation—Ukiah Brewing Co, where Els learned to break down whole organic beef carcasses, make sourdough bread and work with local organic farmers to supply the menu.

Els co-founded Mendocino Organic Network which certifies local organic farmers through the Mendocino Renegade program and was the architect of the first successful GMO crop ban in the Americas, known as Measure H.

Recently, a group of firefighters recruited Els to help launch a citizen’s initiative to ban the practice of intentionally killing and leave standing millions of hardwood trees—hack & squirt-- in our forests which endangers the lives of our firefighters and rural residents throughout Mendocino County (Measure V).

Els Cooperrider
Citizens for Fire Safe Forests Campaign Coordinator

Mike Burgess for Charter Commissioner

Mike Burgess  Michael Burgess:  
Retired Spacecraft Electronics Engineer (34 Years @ TRW).
Michael retired in 2012 and he and his wife
moved near
Willits to off-grid acreage.
Michael enjoys computers, photography,
maintaining an
antique diesel generator,
caring for 300 young fruit & nut trees and
their drip
irrigation system.

Michael brings attention to detail,
and "getting the job
done right.  Michael wants to see the
prospective Charter be solid, addressing the weak
points of
the existing system
and enhancing the quality of life for all
County citizens.

Currently, Mike is an officer of the Little Lake Grange
and volunteers cooking
skills in the kitchen for the monthly
pancake breakfasts
(4th Sundays).

Click this link so see Michael Burgess on the Voter's Edge
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 707-485-4191

Agnes Woolsey for Charter Commissioner

Agnes Woolsey

I was born in Worcester, MA, attended schools in Worcester, Oxford, MA and graduated from Berea College, Berea, KY, with a B.A. in Art Education. After my first job teaching art in N. Troy, N.Y., I came to Oakland for graduate work at the California College of Arts and Crafts and taught Methods of Elementery Art to college students. In the Berkeley Public Schools, I taught H.S. American Studies and art at all levels for 37 years.

I was a member of the Fort Bragg Alliance for Democracy, and volunteered to organize a meeting presenting the pros and cons of Electronic Voting Machines. Later I submitted a letter with my concerns regarding electronic voting to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors.

As associate member of Veterans for Peace I led a local petition drive to ban depleted uranium in weapons which was taken up by the National VFP.

After the 2008 economic crisis, I attended a Conference of the Public Banking Institute and joined a Public Banking Committee with 5 other residents of Mendocino County. We met bimonthly for two years, saw the importance of becoming a Charter County and changed our focus to make Mendocino the 15th Charter County in CA.

Please Vote for me June 7, 2016.



Robin Sunbeam for Charter Commissioner

Robins Sunbeam & sons

 When I realized that my children’s futures had been robbed from them by the current economy, I felt I needed to stand up and do as much as one person can do to change the future.  As co-founder of Move to Amend in Ukiah, I helped bring us Measure F in 2012, the anti-corporate personhood rights measure.  I helped bring us Measure S in 2014, the Community Bill of Rights that protects our water from fracking. 

As Co-founder of the Charter Project, I brought together an assemblage of Charter Commission candidates to collaborate in redesigning the structure of our county government.  We envision more transparency, more sovereignty, more democracy, more citizen empowerment, more local low-carbon economic developments, more protection of the local economy, agriculture, the scenic beauty, the clean air, water, soil and food that we all treasure here in Mendocino County. 

I believe that the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution was intended for natural people.  Fictional persons like corporations should not have human rights.  I favor transferring the county’s money from the unethical Wall Street banks into a county public bank, which will use accepted banking practices to extend credit for county-wide infrastructure and low-carbon economic development.

 See the Voter's Edge: Robin Sunbeam in the Voter's Edge




Or send a check to Charter Project of Mendocino County
PO Box 1133 Ukiah, CA 95482-1133

 Watch Dr. Vandana Shiva in Willits September 7, 2015 on our YouTube page:VShivaFace1in  


W Endorsers

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  • The Apple Farm
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  • Suzanne Beers
  • Pat Black
  • Ali Boecker
  • Sue Boecker
  • Marilyn Boosinger
  • Jeff Box
  • Christine Boyd
  • Pam Brown
  • Michael Burgess
  • Elaine Charkowski
  • John Russel Cobbe
  • Els Cooperrider
  • Meg Courtney
  • Cecile Cutler
  • Govinda Dalton
  • Jed Davis
  • Tammy Davis
  • Norman de Vall
  • John Fremont
  • Katrina Frey
  • Frey Vineyards
  • Denise Gallagher
  • Clifford A. Gosset
  • David Gourney
  • Anderson Valley Grange
  • Inglenook Grange
  • Little Lake Grange
  • Redwood Valley Community Guild
  • Kathryn Green
  • David Gourney
  • Supervisor Dan Hamburg
  • James R. Hochgraef
  • Crispin B. Hollingshead
  • Kimber Holmes
  • David A. Jeffreys
  • Linda Jupiter
  • Margaret Koster
  • Andrea Lacedonia
  • Blaire Ladd
  • Ronald Lippert
  • Freddie Long
  • John Marshall
  • Jane E. McCabe
  • Lynda McClure
  • Doug McKenty
  • Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council
  • Mendocino County Democratic Central Committee
  • Mendocino Women's Political Coalition
  • Richard Louis Miller
  • Cathy Monroe
  • Trudy Morgan
  • Miranda Mott
  • Val Muchowski
  • Ron & Susan Munson
  • Traci Pellar
  • Tami Pleck
  • Linda Posner
  • Ann Rennacker
  • Holly Rick
  • Bettina Robbi [Tara Sufiana]
  • Ellen Rosser
  • Mark Safron
  • Ana Victoria Salcido
  • Steve Scalmanini
  • Jef Schultz
  • Robert Paul Sloan Jr.
  • David Sowder
  • Jon Spitz
  • Maria Teresa St. John
  • Michael St. John
  • Lori-Rachel Stone
  • Madge Strong
  • Acorn Sunbeam
  • Robin Sunbeam
  • Jim & Judy Tarbell
  • Sheila Dawn Tracy
  • Turtle Creek Associates
  • Maggie Watson
  • Alessandro Welsh
  • William F. White
  • Agnes Woolsey
  • Anne Wright
  • Keith Wyner
  • Mary Zellachild